Monday, 6 May 2013

Awesome list of Music you can use on your YouTube videos

Tired of getting your videos silent due to some copyrighted sh*t claim on YouTube?
Still want to use music on your videos without getting a strike on your channel?
You've come to the right place!
You can use ANY of the music from this playlist: Luigi Music - Sethioz Industries Entertainment
These are original music by Luigi Auriemma.

Add in description the following text and you will be good to go:

Music by Luigi Auriemma (
More music available here:

DO NOT steal the music and claim it to be your's.
Stealing is a bad thing isn't it? 

Note: If we find ever find someone stealing the music for your YouTube videos and not adding the text saying that the music belongs to Luigi, in description, then we will get your youtube channel terminated. Just add the text that it belongs to Luigi and everyone will be happy!

Enjoy the aweomse music!

Music by - Luigi
Playlist by - Sethioz, added on Sethioz Industries Entertainment channel
Blog post - Ken Xyro, posted after permission from Sethioz.