Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Science of Deduction

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Have you ever found a dead body or a crime scene and wondered what to do?
You call the police, obviously. BUT, by the time police or the ambulance arrives, what do you do? Stay away from the body? Or examine it yourself?
Most important thing first, - you need to be FAST. Fast in your reasoning, fast in taking action. The Science of Deduction is what makes you think fast and act fast on your deductive reasonings. The better you're at it, the faster you deduce and act. The Science of Deduction is what I will be teaching you here.
First, lets split deduction into points that you will need to remember and notice in real life.
1. Awareness - If you're half asleep then slap yourself to get your brain to think straight. You need to be aware of what is going on around you, make sure of the condition of the victim, if you're 100% sure he is dead, call the police, 1% chance he is still alive? call the ambulance. Life comes first, you can deduce all you want later but if the person is still alive then you need to make sure he does not die. Use your first aid knowledge, I will only talk about a stabbing case because it is probably one of the most used ways of killing without making loud noise. So if the person is stabbed then don't pull the knife out, get a blanket if you can find one, or anything else to put on the victim to warm him up to get his temperature back to normal (Shock results in temperature of the body to fall). If the stab is on the upper part of the body then place the legs on anything so they are on a higher level than the upper body. This will increase blood flow near the stab area and will help till ambulance arrives. Almost 99% of the times, the criminal is caught as soon as the victim opens his eyes back so don't bother chasing or finding the criminal if you think you can save the person's life. Stay with the victim and perform proper first aid.

2. Deduction - If the person is dead and you're sure of it then call the police and until they arrive, begin your deductive reasoning. If you think that the crime has been commited just recently a few minutes or seconds ago then if you're in a crowded place such as a park or public place and the crime was commited there without anyone noticing then do all you can to quickly get all the exits sealed. Criminals would commit a crime at such a place only because it is easier to blend in later and get away before the police arrives. After you've made sure all exits are sealed, begin your deduction. Never theorize on false data. You must have solid points before you theorize. "It is a Capital Mistake to Theorize before you have any data, it biases the judgement." (-Sir A. Conan Doyle). Think of it like solving a maths problem, example: if X = Y and Y =3, then X = 3, or Ken is the writer of this blog, the creator of this blog is the writer, thus Ken is the creator of this blog. Notice the blood marks around the scene, you're not a professional but still blood will speak a lot of things to you. Notice the palms of the victim, are they holding on to something? do they look like they were holding onto something? These are the things you should be paying attention to. If there is no blood on the scene, still there are chances that it was a murder than the person collapsing due to some illness. Smell the lips of the victim, do you smell something sour or a smell of Almonds ? if yes then it poisoning that caused the person to collapse. BEWARE, if you do smell any of the two I mentioned then do not smell it for long. The smell comes from the poisonous Hydrogen gas which is released after the poison goes into stomach and mixes with digestive fluid. If you smell too much then you can get poisoned as well. Other than smelling, there is probably no other way to figure out poisoning without proper equipment. If you're sure it's poisoning then try to keep an eye on all the people nearby, maybe one of them will try to dispose of some poison if he had not done so still.

3. Evidence and Conclusion - All the evidence will always show some type of connection. If you see no connection then you have deduced wrong or have missed some important clue. I have already talked about the things you will need to pay attention to at the crime scene and from those things you will find your link of connection along with some evidence which will finally lead to conclusion.
If you follow all of these steps and are facing a simple enough crime, then the chances are that you will solve it even before the police arrives. Even if you don't then chances are you will either be able to save the life of a person or you will be of great help to the police in solving that crime. 

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

GTA San Andreas How To Install Two Player CO-OP Mod [PC]

Mod Download Link:
DLL Files Download Link:

As you can see in the video how easy it is to install this wonderful mod for GTA San Andreas which will allow you to play Co-op free roam with your friends. It is recommended that Player 1 plays with the keyboard while the Player 2 plays with a gamepad. Any usb gamepad will work fine with this mod. 

After downloading the mod, copy the script folder in it and paste it in your San Andreas installation directory \ Data folder replacing the original. Do NOT forget to make backup of your original script folder first. Then run 2 instances of SAAC2 and set up controls. When done, Run the game and Start a New Game. Loading a previous saved game will make it crash. So if you want to play your saved games, copy back the original script folder from your backup. For better instructions and overall easier setup watch the video above. It includes step by step procedure of how to install the mod till the point of running it. Any problems? either ask for help in the comments section below or on the comments section of the video.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Gamewise - The IMDb of Video Games

I recently started working with Gamewise.  Everyone has heard of IMDb , whenever you want to know about any upcoming movies or any info on them, IMDb is what you visit. You can get every info on the movie from the list of Actors or the staff to the story and the reviews of the movie.
Gamewise does the same, but for video games.

You can get info on each of your favourite new and old games. You can add games to your collections in different categories such as "Games I've played", "Games I want to Play" etc. When you've done so, you will receive all the latest news and info of the games in your collections right in the homepage of your Gamewise profile. From the home page you can also share a thought and tag a game to it, so the thought you post will be shared with people who have the game (you tagged) in their collections. It looks something like this:

All in all, Gamewise is a great new platform for all gamers to connect, talk about and know info of all the new and old games you want to play. Go and sign up at: and start enjoying the new experience in gaming!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

How to take down any fiverr account

This is for educational purpose ONLY! The fact that you’re reading this probably means that this has already been fixed coz I contacted their support about it. (UPDATE: No it's not fixed. Turns out they don't care. They manipulate accounts and reviews you see on site just to earn as much profit as they can.)
Anyways, here's how to take down any fiverr account:

1. Make a fake profile.
2. Send the person whose account you want to take down a message containing your email.
3. Keep doing it from more fake accounts with different email each time.

The account will be taken down by fiverr staff within a week.

That's how easy it is.

Even if they contact customer support, they will get an automated reply saying they broke Terms of Service and cannot continue selling on fiverr, because the fiverr support consists of a bunch of idiots who are getting paid for copy pasting messages. They take days to give you a copy pasted message.
I tested this with a legit account I no longer needed (level 2 seller).

So just stay away from them to save your time and energy and go with alternatives which are a thousand times better. A little googling will help you find some awesome alternatives.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Awesome list of Music you can use on your YouTube videos

Tired of getting your videos silent due to some copyrighted sh*t claim on YouTube?
Still want to use music on your videos without getting a strike on your channel?
You've come to the right place!
You can use ANY of the music from this playlist: Luigi Music - Sethioz Industries Entertainment
These are original music by Luigi Auriemma.

Add in description the following text and you will be good to go:

Music by Luigi Auriemma (
More music available here:

DO NOT steal the music and claim it to be your's.
Stealing is a bad thing isn't it? 

Note: If we find ever find someone stealing the music for your YouTube videos and not adding the text saying that the music belongs to Luigi, in description, then we will get your youtube channel terminated. Just add the text that it belongs to Luigi and everyone will be happy!

Enjoy the aweomse music!

Music by - Luigi
Playlist by - Sethioz, added on Sethioz Industries Entertainment channel
Blog post - Ken Xyro, posted after permission from Sethioz.